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At Red Effect Infrared Fitness - Oakbrook Terrace, we provide a unique, life-changing approach to your health and wellness. Our fitness sessions combine the power of infrared therapy, heart rate monitoring, and high-intensity interval training to provide you with an unstoppable fitness routine. Pair your fitness routine with full-spectrum Red Effect infrared saunas for a boosted immune system, faster recovery, and more to fully defend your health.

Our members, trainers, and staff feel the effect from more than just the infrared. In each studio, we see our members experience changes in their physique, energy levels, self-confidence, recovery times, health conditions, and more. With each success story, we pass on the effect.

What We Do

A type of training that involves a series of high-intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. The high-intensity periods are typically at or close to anaerobic exercise, while the recovery periods involve activity of lower intensity.

Infrared heat is very gentle. It provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. With near, mid, and far rays, infrared penetrates your skin and heats the core of your body.

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